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  Sherry Wiggins

Sherry Wiggins was born in 1955 in Bloomington, Indiana in the U.S.. Wiggins works from her home state of Colorado as a new media artist, sculptor, public artist and cultural organizer. Wiggins’ work is reflective and often participatory and is centered around explorations of cultural difference, social justice and women’s issues. Her practice is concerned with art as a transformative and relational process and enactment.

In a project called Prayers for Others Wiggins asked people of different cultural and religious orientations to record a prayer that was intended for the benefit for others. She installed the recordings of these prayers in a silken-bannered space for listening and reflection. Wiggins has also worked in the Middle East as an artist and arts organizer. In Crossing Over the Land, she created a series of narrative portraits in the occupied territories of Palestine. In the work, Sounds of the Ocean, Wiggins interviewed people in both the U.S. and the Middle East by transporting questions back and forth and creating a form of dialogue and thoughtful observation.

Wiggins’ large-scale installation projects examine our relationship to the landscape and the environment in works that invoke intimacy and physical connection to specific surroundings. In digital and video pieces, Wiggins often places herself in relationship to female film stars and popular female figures such as Simone de Beauvoir, Ava Gardner and Jane Fonda. In this way, the work prompts viewers and participants alike to reflect upon themselves and others in open-ended narratives and situations.

Wiggins exhibits nationally and internationally – including venues in China, Korea, Mexico, the Middle East, South America as well as in Colorado and around the United States. Wiggins is a member of the artist run space; the Ice Cube Gallery in Denver, Colorado ( Wiggins has outdoor work at the Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado as well as in private collections in Colorado.