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the six / rozalinda borcila

Rozalinda Borcila was born in 1971 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania anc currently lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. Borcila received her MFA in Sculpture at Michigan State University, E. Lansing, MI. She also studied at the Cluj Polytechnice Institute.

Recent exhibitions include the Museum of New Art in Detroit (US); Watson Institute at Brown University, Providence (US); Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary (Canada); Vector Gallery, Iasi (Romania), Salon Y Coloquio Internacional De Arte Digital Havanna (Cuba), Public_Media_Space Festival Yerewan (Armenia). She is also a participant in a number of collaborative and collective projects. These include easyCity (Amsterdam) and Border Counter by Multiplicity for the Vennice Biennale 2003. As part of the collective common_places, she is Chairwoman of the Council for Peripheral Visionaries, exhibiting the project in the US, Romania and Hungary. She is founding member and CFO of BLW-TV, which performed during Pilot TV in Chicago and at the University of Hartford.

There is a coincidence between power and image, between violence and representation. Rozalinda Borcila’s work is an encounter with power in visual terms, beginning with the problem of looking and looking back. The work is deeply suspicious of established structures of representation, and often concerned with the ideological underpinnings of visual languages. More importantly, the artist considers the critical possibilities offered by small acts of transgression or trespass – considered not for their value as individual acts, but for the potential of their accumulation. The dynamic buildup of infinitely small disturbances changes structure into movement, being into becoming, a thing into a current. As this dynamic develops and builds, representation moves, strains against its surface, swells and eventually breaks.